Who We Are

flaretip-offshore1We work offshore around the globe for the world’s leading oil and gas companies. Our dedicated team of Structural Engineers & experienced management work with our clients to produce detailed method state- ments, risk assessments, LOLER diagrams, detailed design calculations and finally on-site execution. Being involved at the planning stage of a project allows our Structural Engineers to provide solutions to our clients that prove to save both time and money while surpassing the rigorous safety demands of the offshore industry.

We have pioneered the design of a purpose-built davit to improve the process of replacing flare tips. The davit is positioned directly below the termination point of the flare stack thereby negating the use of expensive cranes. This has been designed to take the weight of the tip as it is lowered to the ground and lift the new replacement tip into position. This innovative solution to a complex and expensive problem is now being adopted in refineries, petrochemical plants and offshore platforms around the world, and is an excellent example of our design capabilities delivering commercial benefits often in remote and demanding locations.

Industrial Access and Zenith Structural together, specialize in World Leading Technology for Flare Tip Change-outs, Replacements, Rebuilds & Installations.

We have established a reputation for safety first operations and forged lasting business partnerships with leading power and industrial organizations.


We work for clients around the globe including the world’s leading oil and gas companies.

Alyeska Pipeline • John Zink Company • Zeeco Inc • AMEC • Bechtel • BP • FLUOR • Shell Oil
Total • Chevron • Jacobs • Qatargas • LaFarge • RasGas • Statoil • Versabar • Texaco

OSHA Compliant / Fully Licensed / Bonded / Insured