Video Animation – Flare Tip Replacement Using Davit Lifting Methodology

The Davit Does It!

davit-descriptionSometimes the best innovations come from using age old principles in new ways. That is exactly what we have done with our cost-saving method of lifting flare tips to the top of flare stacks that are located on offshore facilities. Our made-to-order davit lifting devices are used to lower the flare tip being replaced to deck level or onto a barge and then to lift the new replacement up and into place. Typically, these solutions can be relatively light weight and operated manually eliminating the need for heavy motorized equipment or cranes. The logistics involved with our davit are substantially less than all other methods of flare tip work.

Davit design allows for vertical lifting along the flare stack ensuring that the "push/pull" impact to the stack itself are kept to a minimum.

Flare Vent Tips do wear out and need to be replaced as we all know. Traditional methods using helicopter or barge crane assists can be very costly and require tricky maneuvering close to offshore platforms and flare stacks. Our solution employs a simple principle of leverage to be able to lift the flare vent tip assembly straight up along side the flare stack using davit lifts. The flare tip on a boom arm can be lifted in place from an adjacent barge deck as well using virtually the same method.

When working on the boom arm flare tip, first a winch is positioned on the deck of the offshore platform. A small lifting davit is assembled on the boom arm. The scaffolding platform and main lifting davit is then raised from the barge below and attached to the flare tip itself. The main lifting davit is then built next to the flare tip / scaffolding assembly. Once this is completed, the entire system is tested for safe working load (SWL). The existing flare tip is disconnected from the main riser and rotated 180° by the main lifting davit. The existing flare tip can then be safely lowered to the barge below. Next, the new replacement flare tip is attached to the main lifting davit winch wire and hoisted and secured into place on the boom arm. With the replacement flare tip ready for installation on top of the flare stack, the main lifting davit, scaffolding and decking is removed. 

Now on to the flare stack itself. The same process is employed to remove the existing flare tip and raise up the scaffolding platform and new replacement flare tip using two sizes of lifting davits and scaffolding platforms. 

Every project requires an engineered design that combines our davit lift technology in a way that will ensure safe work procedure with low risk while effectively completing the job with minimal interruption to your work flow. Our team has a proven track record of doing just that around the world for many leading companies in the oil and gas industry.

This process can be used onshore and offshore and provides a cost-effective method to service, repair and replace flare tips.