Company Qualifications is a joint venture of two innovative industry leaders at working at height, Industrial Access Inc and Zenith SAS Ltd.

Industrial Access
Industrial Acciatransess is a demonstrated leader in the realm of working at height with an industry leading safety record. We began our business focused on industrial chimney and industrial smokestack inspections, maintenance and repair using rope access techniques. Today, we have expanded our capabilities to include work on a range of facilities and structures including tanks, vessels, silos, ductwork, structural steel, pipe bridges and plant components with a multitude of access options.

Our specialties include flare tip replacement and repair, smokestack inspection, industrial chimney repair, industrial coating application, structural repair, gunite lining installation, Industrial stack fabrication and installation. We use only premium industrial materials for our maintenance and repair services. We have mastered the technical skill to handle jobs that require specific expertise like: lead abatement, lightning protection, aircraft warning light systems and all safety-related equipment. We offer rigging, lifting, high angle rescue capabilities and offshore rope access services, all executed with precise planning and rapid mobility.

Industrial Access rope access technicians are SPRAT Certified and OSHA/MSHA Compliant. We are fully trained and experienced to address your high angle needs. Please visit our website for more details about our services at: or give us a call at (770) 255-1313.

Zenith SAS Ltd

zenithtransWith offices in the U.K, Ireland and Scotland Zenith has completed projects worldwide. In recent years they have worked in Kazakhstan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Norway, Congo and many other locations.

Zenith specializes in delivering innovative structural access and repair solutions to the world’s leading power, petrochemical, process and pharmaceutical companies. We are a market leader in the inspection, maintenance, repair and demolition of industrial chimneys, hyperbolic cooling towers, tall structures, heavy industry and historic buildings.

We have also developed pioneering design in the field of flare stack repair and tip replacement. In fact, design is at the heart of our business. No two projects are the same and it follows that each requires a bespoke answer. The process of client consultation and planning are key elements in defining the project parameters and the true extent of the job to be done.