Flare Tip Replacement

Why is Flaretips.com the best choice for your offshore flare tip needs?


We can engineer a solution that could potential save your company tens of thousands of dollars over conventional access methods like helicopter or barge/crane assist.

Flare tips come in many configurations and sizes but the one thing they all have in common is that they will need to be replaced or serviced at some point. Many installations that use flare tips are onshore and we can help there too, but where our engineered rope access techniques really shine are at offshore drilling rigs where access is more of a challenge. Based in Atlanta, GA our US teams can access the Gulf of Mexico flare tips quickly and efficiently. Our assessments based on work done around the world indicates that these methods are far less intrusive with less of a risk than most methods in use today.

At Flaretips.com we are fully versed in all types of replacement and repair of HP Flare Tips, LP Flare Tips, Utility Flares, Pit Flares, Steam Assisted Flares, Air Assisted Flares and Enclosed Flares. Each project will be designed, planned and engineered using rigging and other mechanical access assists that will allow our SPRAT Certified rope access technicians to install or repair flare tips at your offshore stacks.

Industrial Access Inc has partnered with Zenith SAS Ltd to offer clients cost efficient, safe flare tip change-outs especially designed for offshore facilities.