Design Engineered Solutions

designed-flaretipsWorking for offshore oil and gas companies around the world has allowed us to build a wealth of experience when it comes to the most complex lifting, repair and replacement needs of flare stack owners. Our innovative alternative to what was once an extremely expensive and complex problem is now being adopted by owners of refineries, petrochemical plants and offshore platforms around the globe.

Inspections, condition surveys and structural analysis are offered to establish the exact nature of every project. Once an on-site inspection is completed or specs are received on the structural design of the flare stack, our in-house engineers go to work designing the best case solution to get the men and machinery in place that can repair or replace your flare tip in a timely, cost-effective way. Field execution is arranged with your facilities managers to fit your schedule and we seek to respect timetables that will allow for minimal interruption of day to day operations.

Each situation is different, but all have a solution that lies within the range of our structural engineers, SPRAT Certified technicians. Skilled tradesmen trained in advanced disciplines are able to create custom designed platforms and rigging that can change-out flare tip assemblies with minimal site impact and downtime. Low impact rope access and lifting technology offers a much better choice than helicopter or barge crane assists.

Flare Tip Components, Tip Supply, Thermocouples, Pilot Lines, Steam Lines, Expansion Bellows, Cladding, Insulation, Ladders & Gantries and all necessary materials are available as a part of each project. Sand blasting, painting, coating, welding, rigging studies and temporary works design along with flare tip maintenance, partial rebuilds and main riser design and supply are all a part of our wheelhouse.

Our modern construction safety management systems fall fully in line with all Occupational Health & Safety guidelines allowing work to be done quickly and safely.